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Re: your comments


Hi, Aelius. At Wikipedia talk:Requests for comment/Iasson#The Return of Grecian Footwear, you said "I think you misunderstand my motivation. Its NOT Plausible Deniability." I can accept that; I think the problem that some other editors and I are having is that we don't understand what your motivation is. You've explained what it is not; could you please explain what it is? Why are you creating public accounts? Why do you think they are helpful, especially given the extra work it would take to maintain them as you describe?

As I see it, there are many disadvantages to a public account (like vandalism) but I can see no advantages. Could you help me understand your reasoning behind these accounts? Perhaps we can find a mutually acceptable solution. — Knowledge Seeker 08:29, 17 Mar 2005 (UTC)